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HotHTML 3 Addons We provide these Addons to HotHTML 3 on an As-Is Basis with no warranty or support, we will however address any issues if they are related to WebSoftware.

If you would like to contribute send us an email to hothtml3@wsoftware.biz!

Contributions submitted by users are credited in the zip files, if you find their submissions useful or find anything wrong with them please contact them directly and not WebSoftware.

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wsHotHTML3PolyStyle HotHTML 3 Dialog

Version: v1.0.92
Setup Installer: wsDialogInstaller
Publisher: WebSoftware Systems
Size: 39KB
Released: 24/07/2004
Last Update: 28/07/2004

Download Now!Download Now!

Featured Dialog: wsHotHTML3PolyStyle for PolyStyle Source Code Formatter Do you ever have trouble reading code? Could it be because the code isnt properly formatted? Ever dreamt something could just pickup that code and spit out a nice clean, formatted and beautified version? Well stop sleeping when your meant to be working, because with PolyStyle thats exactly what you can do.

PolySyle is a source code beautifier, give it some unformatted ugly looking source, and it will return a beautified document. WebSoftware has integrated the functionality of PolyStyle into HotHTML 3 via the Dialog Framework to allow users to indent and beautify their code right inside the HotHTML 3 IDE. Lets take a tour about the features this dialog encapsulates.


Prior to installing wsHotHTML3PolyStyle its essential that you have a copy of PolyStyle installed on your system (or Trita as it was called previously). To do this:
  1. Download the PolyStyle Trial
    Goto the Homepage and download a trial copy of PolyStyle (if you have purchased/registered a copy you can register it later).
  2. Install PolyStyle
    Install PolyStyle(or Trita) on your system with the default options enabled.
  3. Install wsHotHTML3PolyStyle
    After a succesful installation of PolyStyle or Trita you can attempt to install wsHotHTML3PolyStyle.

Installing wsHotHTML3PolyStyle

Installing wsHotHTML3PolyStyle is a breeze thanks to the wsDialogInstaller. Simply download the HDP file onto your machine, then run the HDP file. If the HDP file does not become a non-standard Icon file or if Windows prompts you to enter an application to open the file with, this means that HotHTML 3 FixPack 1 or above may not be installed. Please see FAQ: What is a HDP File? under the 'Troubleshooting' section.

wsHotHTML3PolyStyle in the HotHTML 3 IDE

Figure 1.0 PolyStyle Formatter Toolbar.

When you run HotHTML 3 after the installation of wsHotHTML3PolyStyle, you will find a new toolbar and a couple of new items in your right click context menu like the screenshots on the left. If you dont then either the loading of the Dialog has been disabled or it was not installed correctly.

Depending on your preference, you can use either the toolbar items or the context menu to activate the formatting process.

Reformat or QuickFormat?

There are two modes which you can use to format or beautify your document, either by the 'Reformat' function or the 'QuickFormat' function. Both require the document to be saved before continuing.

Figure 1.1 Right hand context menu integration.
  • Reformat
    The 'Reformat' command can be used to format documents supported natively by PolyStyle(check their website for more information on file types supported). For Example you can parse a *.HTML file via the 'Reformat' Command.

  • QuickFormat
    The 'QuickFormat' command however, allows you to force an unsupported (or supported) document type to be parsed by a language you can select. For example, ASP (as of writing) was not supported, you may parse it as JSP instead via 'QuickFormat'.

Depending on the document you have openned, and whether or not PolyStyle natively supports the language *and* the extension you may have to choose either.

Toolbar Buttons

The toolbar created when using the dialog allows access to some of the common areas dealing with PolyStyle. Lets go through each one starting from the left:
  • Reformat Code
    See above notes on Reformat function

  • QuickFormat Code
    See above notes on QuickFormat function

  • Configure wsHotHTML3PolyStyle
    Opens the wsHotHTML3PolyStyle Configuration dialog allowing you to configure how the wsHotHTML3PolyStyle Dialog behaves.

  • Configure PolyStyle/Trita
    Opens the PolyStyle or Trita Configuration Tool to configure PolyStyle or Trita. Check their website for information on configuring PolyStyle or Trita.

In later FixPack releases WebSoftware hopes to integrate PolyStyle to the core of HotHTML 3 allowing users to get transparent coverage of source code beautifying without the need for the Dialog. However until that time comes, we hope that by writing wsHotHTML3PolyStyle our users will benefit from being able to beautify their code right inside the IDE.

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