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HotHTML 3 Professional

Product Addons :: Syntax Definitions
HotHTML 3 Addons We provide these Addons to HotHTML 3 on an As-Is Basis with no warranty or support, we will however address any issues if they are related to WebSoftware.

If you would like to contribute send us an email to hothtml3@wsoftware.biz!

Contributions submitted by users are credited in the zip files, if you find their submissions useful or find anything wrong with them please contact them directly and not WebSoftware.

Installation Instructions
To install the syntax definition, download ZIP archive, uncompress it using either WinRAR, WinZIP, or another ZIP application to the '/data/syntax/' folder and start HotHTML 3. At startup HotHTML 3 will automatically register the language and configure the rest for you.

Syntax Definition Files

  • .NET Intermediate Language
    Submitted by: Edwin Vermeer [17/12/2003]
    Syntax definition to view Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL) in the .NET Framework.

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