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HotHTML 3 Professional

HotHTML 3 FixPack 3 Information
FixPack 2 Information

HotHTML 3 FixPack 3 is a maintenance release of HotHTML 3 which includes numerous new features and enhancements, bugfixes and changes to reflect customer feedback. This article gives you a brief overview of the changes in this release and how they will effect existing users of HotHTML 3. We recommend all users to upgrade to FixPack 3.


Changes / Updates

  • OPTIMISED: HotHTML 3 FixPack 3 has been heavily optimised.
    FixPack 3 has been heavily optimised to ensure faster startup times and significantly lower memory consumption than previous releases.

  • NEW: Insert and Format Menus
    Powered by QuickInsert and requested by many users, we've completely rewritten the Insert Menu and added a new Format menu to make it easier for users to insert code snippets into their code.

  • NEW: Documentation for HTMLLib included/linked with HTML 4.0 Documentation
    Selecting any tag or attribute in TagLib's HTMLLib will allow you to view documentation for the specific tag/attribute either in the active document's preview tab or a new browser window.

  • NEW: PHP Code Snippets in QuickInsert/Insert Menu
    PHP Coders can use Quick Insert to enter PHP code snippets from the addition of PHP code snippets to the QuickInsert tool(also available in the Insert Menu).

  • NEW: Oracle PL/SQL Support in the SQL Language
    Native support for PL/SQL in the SQL Language, so now it will recognise Oracle SQL Keywords, PL/SQL Keywords as well as the standard Exceptions.

  • NEW: Getting Started with HotHTML 3 Professional Guide
    We've bundled a new Getting Started guide for HotHTML 3 as a PDF file (also available on the HotHTML 3 website for online viewing). The guide includes an introductory look at HotHTML 3 and a tutorial on creating your first document inside the IDE to kick start your work with HotHTML 3.

  • UPDATED: CodeCleaner Re-Engineered with One-Click Fixing of Documents
    We've updated the CodeCleaner tool to allow users to easily validate, auto-correct and format/indent their code with a single menu item. The new 'CodeCleaner' menu includes several new operations that web developers need when working with web documents.

For more information about the list of changes in HotHTML 3 consult the FixPack 3 Release Notes (KBQ10052) Knowledgeabse article.

Installation Instructions / Notes

INSTALLING: Upgrading previous versions
HotHTML 3's installer will automatically search for a supported previous version and migrate/upgrade those versions to the most current FixPack available. Supported releases are outlined below along with any notes for the builds:

  • FixPack 3 Pre-Release Alpha 2, Beta 1 & 2, Release Candidate 1 & 2
    FixPack 3 releases some users may have been given (Builds 1620, 1671(Alpha 1), 1732, 1884 (Beta1), 1886 (Beta1 Refresh), 1889 (Beta 2)) are NOT able to successfully migrate to the new release.

    These builds *MUST* be removed from your system using 'Add/Remove Programs' before installing FixPack 3.

  • FixPack 2 RTM
    The Final FixPack 2 release (v1.0.1500) or FixPack 2a (v1.0.1501) release of HotHTML 3 will sucessfully migrate to the new release.

  • FixPack 2 Pre-Release 1 & 2
    FixPack 2 releases some users may have been given (Builds 1360, 1366, 1376) are NOT able to successfully migrate to the new release.

    You will need to remove these installations from 'Add/Remove Programs' prior to installing FixPack 3.

  • FixPack 1
    Build 1.0.1330 (No pre-releases of FixPack 1 are supported).

  • Initial Release
    Build 1.0.1200 (No pre-releases versions are supported).

Any other versions should be uninstalled prior to installation of the new release.

INSTALLING: Licenses Upgrade Automatically
FixPack 3 will automaticaly upgrade your licensing information. This means if you had an evaluation copy with 12 days left after installation of FixPack 3 you will still have 12 days. The same applies for licensed and activated copies, your activations will persist so long as no hardware change has been made.

INSTALLING: Settings will not migrate
Previous settings will not be migrated when you install FixPack 3. This means you will need to reconfigure any settings you had - such as SmartPreview - in order to use them again. Previous layouts for the IDE will also revert to the default because of new IDE enhancements which wont be seen otherwise.

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