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HotHTML 3 Professional

Feature List
HotHTML 3 combines powerful features and tools to bring you a complete development environment for your web, windows and .NET project solutions.

Heres a glimpse of the features we've built into HotHTML 3.
  • New Code Editor
    • Powerful Syntax Highlighter
      • Supports 24+ Native Languages
        • HTML - as if this wouldnt be in it;-)
        • .NET v2.0 Support
        • Active Server Pages
        • ASP.NET(C#)
        • ASP.NET(VB.NET)
        • ASP.NET Web.Config/Machine.Config
        • ActionScript (FlashMX Compatible)
        • BASIC
        • CFML (ColdFusionMX Compatible)
        • Cascading Style Sheets
        • C#
        • C/C++
        • Java
        • Javascript
        • JSP
        • Pascal
        • Perl
        • PHP
        • PHP v5.0
        • SQL
        • Text
        • VB.NET
        • VBScript
        • VoiceXML
        • VRML
        • WML
        • XHTML
        • XML
        • XSD
        • XSL
        • XSLT

      • Extensible language support with HotHTML 3 Syntax Definitions
      • Ultra fast Syntax Highlighting
      • Customisable colors, views and formatting
      • Intelligent Editing with support to open files from supported tags inside the IDE(with brute forced Relative Path resolving if relative path not configured properly!)

    • Find/Replace
      • Ultra fast Find/Replace functions
      • Regular Expressions
      • Match Case/Whole Word/Preseve Case
      • Mark All occurances of matches
      • Find/Replace/Mark All by Active Project/Active Document/All Documents

    • Bookmarking Features
    • Macro Recording
    • Line Numbers
    • Line History
    • 4 way Split View Editing
    • Auto Indenting Languages
    • Unlimited Undo/Redo (or configurable) Actions
    • Estimated Download Times
    • Plus Much More!

  • ImageViewer
    Open images inside HotHTML 3 to review.
    • Supports
      • Windows Bitmaps
      • JPEG
      • CompuServe GIF(DIE PATENT DIE!)
      • Portable Network Graphics(PNG)
      • EMF
      • WMF

    • Image Information
    • Zoom In/Out
    • PanView for Larger images
    • Best Fit
    • Estimated Download Times

  • New User Interface
    • Customisable
      • Everything Docks!
      • Move/Add/Remove Toolbar items
      • Saves layouts after closing
      • Assign your own shortcuts

    • Office XP Emulation
    • Visual Studio.NET Style Tabbed Windows
    • Innovative Layout

  • ProjectManager
    • Supports following formats
      • HotHTML 3
      • HotHTML 2001 Projects
      • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET - C#, VB.NET Projects, J#(Syntax Definition Not Included as yet)
      • Microsoft Visual C++ 5/6 Workspaces
      • Microsoft Visual Basic Projects/Groups

    • New HotHTML 3 Format!
      Manage your entire site easily with a HotHTML 3 Project by keeping things in a neatly organised directory structure.
    • Lists procedures/subs/functions of Visual Basic files using DocumentData Engine
    • VisualStudio.NET/VisualBasic IDE integration

  • DocumentData
    DocumentData enables you to see a layout(or skeleton) of the document your working on, allowing you to navigate through your document visually!
    • Supports Formats
      • All SGML Languages(HTML/ASP/ASP.NET/PHP etc)
      • Cascading Style Sheets
      • Visual Basic

  • SmartPreview(formely QuickPreview)
    SmartPreview will enable you to write websites at any language and using a webserver preview your documents right inside your IDE.

    Writing a ASP.NET Web Application you can use HotHTML 3 to not only create and edit files, but you can preview your work inside the IDE (needs a IIS webserver installed on the local or network system).

    SmartPreview can preview
    • All SGML Languages(HTML/ASP/ASP.NET/PHP etc)
    • Cascading Style Sheets

  • Microsoft IIS Support
    HotHTML 3 can interface up with Microsoft IIS installed on the local system to provide enhanced support. Supports:
    • IIS v4.0 (Windows NT 4)
    • IIS v5.0 (Windows 2000)
    • IIS v5.1 (Windows XP Professional)
    • IIS v6.0 (Windows .NET Server 2003)

  • Extensive Browser Support
    Using SmartPreview you can preview externally by any of the supported web browsers to see how your documents would look on different platforms/browsers. Supports:
    • Internet Explorer v4.0+
    • Netscape Navigator v4.xx
    • Netscape v6.0+
    • Opera v5.0+
    • Mozilla v1.0+
    • Mozilla FireFox (FIRST TO SUPPORT FireFox!)
    • MSN Explorer
    • Amaya

  • BuildManager
    BuildManager is a tool to help you create, edit, and compile non-webserver files. Such as Java/.NET applications. BuildManager has been designed with the focus on generalisation to enable you to configuire all sorts of compilers to compile your documents with using HotHTML 3.
    • Designed to work will most compilers Tested on:
      • Java v1.4.1+ Compiler
      • Microsoft .NET v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2(or v2.0) VB.NET, C# compilers
      • ActiveState Perl Compiler

    • Compile applications right inside HotHTML 3!
    • Configure unlimited compilers for any language(even multiple compilers for a single language) using BuildVariables, specially designed Variable holder to dynamically execute command line arguments to the compiler.!
    • View Compiler messages directly inside HotHTML 3!

  • QuickInsert
    QuickInsert is a tool to help you quickly insert commonly used HTML Syntax into your document from an intuitive VS.NET Style Listbar that has categorised sets of tags for their subject.
    • Categories
      • Common Elements
      • Formatting
      • Lists
      • Tables
      • Forms
      • Hidden Elements
      • Frames
      • Server Side
      • Active Server Pages
    • MySnippets
      Allows you to insert your own snippets by simply highlighting the text you want, and dropping them into the Listbar. Store for future use.
    • ClipManager
      ClipManager will monitor your Windows® Clipboard for changes and store a fully customisable history. So never loose another important clipboard item again!

  • WebManager
    A native FTP Editor inside HotHTML 3 to manage your files on the web.
    • Upload/Download Files
    • Make Directories
    • Rename Files
    • Delete Files
    • Custom Commands
    • CHMOD

  • Open From Web
    The redeveloped 'Open From Web' feature allows you to download files already on the internet to view, inspire you with.

    Some of the new additions
    • Proxy Support
    • BASIC Authentication
    • Autocomplete URL Box

  • CodeCleaner
    Powered by TidyCOM, CodeCleaner can

    • Supports
      • Check for markup errors in your HTML/XHTML/XML files
      • Convert HTML to XHTML Files
      • Reformat your code
    • Includes a Tidy Configuration file (with help) so you can make your own modifications to the internal workings of the TidyCOM library!
  • TaskManager
    An Integrated Task Manager means you can assign TODO or other tasks easily to either remind you or your co-workers directly inside HotHTML 3.

    • TaskEditor
      The TaskEditor is the editor that creates 'Tasks'. The TaskEditor is a visual dialog allowing you to quickly create tasks to insert. Supports:
      • WYSIWYG Editing
      • Image Support in Editor
      • Date Created/Assigned/Completed/Modified
      • Progress Indicator
      • Project/Document File Linking
      • Status(customisable)
      • Priority(customisable)
      • Category and Sub Categories(customisable)

  • Network/MultiUser Friendly

    HotHTML 3 is network and multi-user friendly, suitable for use in a school/university or corporate network environment or when there are multiple users using the software.

  • HotExplorer

    Windows Explorer like File Manager inside HotHTML 3, supports file filtering, auto-updating after Shell operations, explorer context menus, view network drives etc.

  • ActiveLib

    Procedural Language Reference tool, great for learning a new language. Fully customisable with defintion files, comes with Java, Javascript, VB and Perl/CGI defitions.

  • TagLib

    SGML Language reference tool, like TagLib but includes support for help documentation. Fully customisable with TagLib Libraries Definitions, comes with HTMLLib(HTML 4) and WebTVLib.

  • ScriptArchive

    Source code repositry, categorise your code fragments to logical structure and insert scripts easily.

  • ActiveDoc

    Lists documents and images open in the HotHTML 3 IDE. Save, Close, navigate through the list, easily managing all your open documents.

  • ColorLab

    ColorLab can help you pick colors for your HTML, CSS, VB language documents. With a full color pallete and previewing of HTML BODY data.

  • SpellCheck/Thesaurus

    Full Spell Checking features inside HotHTML 3 with suggestions, and customisable dictionaries. Comes with a Thesaurus so you can find synonyms.

  • Integrated with Dictionary.com

    Look up words you dont know by right clicking and using the integrated Dictionary.com feature.

  • Insert Date/Time with AutoUpdate

    Inserting dates and times have never been easier, you can tell HotHTML 3 to automatically keep it updated too, so the next time you open it it will automatically update it.

  • HotHTML 3 Dialog(formely HotHTML Plugins)

    Create additional Code Generators, Wizards, Tools and Add-Ins with the new DialogSDK for developers. Extend what you can do with HotHTML 3 Dialogs.

  • TopStyle Integration

    Integrated TopStyle(Lite and Pro) versions to edit CSS files with intelligent Wait-To-Complete procedures to autoupdate work files after TopStyle closes!

Thats just the start. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download a free 30 day trial and see for yourself:)

NOTE: Future versions will have additions to this list, we will add them to the RELEASE NOTES and not here unless theres a significant addition. Any removed items will be crossed out from the list.

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