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HotHTML 3 Professional

Product Release Notes :: Build 1330 [ FixPack 1 ] : Known Issues
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ReportID Description
13305 ProjectExplorer / Parser > Relative links are not parsed when project files are open.
Date Reported: 12/06/2004 (Internal)
Date Addressed: 12/06/2004 (Thushan Fernando)
Priority: LOW
Status: Fixed

Relative links are parsed only in HotHTML 3 projects where a base path is known, with the release of FixPack 1 relative links are not being parsed in even though a file maybe openned via a HotHTML 3 Project.
13304 Kernel > Locale Issues on non-English Versions of Windows.
Date Reported: 11/06/2004 (Edwin Vermeer)
Date Addressed: 11/06/2004 (Thushan Fernando)
Priority: CRITICAL
Status: Fixed / HotFix Available

This issue can be addressed by a hotfix(hh3_hotfix_1330-10062004.hdp), you may download the hotfix from the Updates Page.

This issue is only reproducable on non-english versions of Windows or where the regional settings are non-English (Eg. Dutch Netherlands etc). We recommend users update to this hotfix as it includes the fix for issue 13303 below.

You are affected if:
  • Your Regional Settings are non-English based
    If your regional settings are not of one of the 'English(*)' settings you will be affected.
  • SmartPreview doesnt use Server when previewing documents
    If you find that when you attempt to preview a document (eg. ASP/ASPX) that you have enabled to view via an installed webserver, it switches to QuickPreview mode.
  • Loading Welcome Screen or 'Tip of the Iceberg' Dialog when you have disabled them
    If you disabled the loading of the Welcome screen or the 'Tip of the Iceberg' Dialog at startup but it still continues to popup this is another Locale related issue. (NOTE: Doesnt happen to all users)
13303 Kernel > When using Single Instancing the second or nth instance is not properly shutdown even though the document is parsed to the main/first instance.
Date Reported: 02/06/2004 (Edwin Vermeer)
Date Addressed: 02/06/2004 (Thushan Fernando)
Priority: MEDIUM
Status: Fixed / HotFix Available or Temporary Workaround Available

This issue can be addressed by a hotfix(hh3_hotfix_1330-10062004.hdp), you may download the hotfix from the Updates Page or alternatively you can drag and drop files you want to open in HotHTML 3 instead of getting windows to open a new instance of HotHTML 3 - which will redirect it to the active instance (if it exists) and not shutdown the newly created instance.

NOTE: 'Fixed' issues mean that the next update to HotHTML 3 after this current build will have these issues rectified.
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