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HotHTML 3 Professional

Product Release Notes :: Build 1500 [ FixPack 2 ] : Known Issues
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ReportID Description
15001 Insert Menu > Server Variables Combobox doesnt clear previous Var's
Date Reported: 09/11/2004 (Thushan Fernando)
Date Addressed: 09/11/2004 (Thushan Fernando)
Priority: MEDIUM
Affects Build: v1.0.1500
Fixed Build: v1.0.1501
Status: Fixed / HotFix Available

Insert Menu's Server Variable combobox fails to clear the contents before adding new server variables causing the list to grow as you continue using HotHTML 3, discussed in detail in Knowledgebase Article 10033

NOTE: We have updated the installation for HotHTML 3, therefore if the editor's version is v1.0.1501 you will not require an update.
NOTE: 'Fixed' issues mean that the next update to HotHTML 3 after this current build will have these issues rectified.
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