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HotHTML 3 Professional

HotHTML 3 Product Overview

HotHTML™ 3 Professional has been designed and developed to provide multi-talented developers a single Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create, manage and deploy their solutions. Bridging the gap between web development platforms (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET etc) and non-web development platforms (Eg. Java, C#, VB, C/C++), HotHTML 3 allows developers to easily manage the two via features such as SmartPreview which allows you to preview server side documents (such as ASP/Perl/PHP etc) and BuildManager allowing you to build and run compilable languages inside the HotHTML 3 IDE (C#, Java etc).

HotHTML 3 balances the right mix of power and flexibility to give developers across all platforms the freedom and total control to create their solutions via a single intuitive IDE and boosting productivity and manageability.

Enhanced User-Interface
Unlike previous versions of HotHTML, HotHTML 3 includes many new user-interface enhancements including total customisability of menu items the way you want them, dockable windows and a sleek new Visual Studio.NET/OfficeXP Style GUI.

HotHTML 3 User Interface
Figure 1.0 HotHTML 3 User Interface.

Powerful Code Editor
HotHTML 3 includes a brand new code editor with powerful features that rival other text editors on the market.

HotHTML 3 Code Editor
Figure 1.1 HotHTML 3 Code Editor.
Some of the new features include:
  • Impressive 24+ Native Languages supported (See Full List)
  • Ultra Fast Syntax Highlighting (even on very large documents)
  • Powerful recordable Macro's (Record your actions inside the code editor and ask HotHTML 3 to repeat it how ever many times you want!)
  • Powerful Find/Replace functions with support for Regular Expressions
  • Unlimited (can be limited) Undo/Redo Functions
  • Bookmarking Features
  • Line Navigation History to easily navigate to previous section of code
  • Comment/Uncomment Blocks of text
  • Powerful Text Editing functions relating to selections, Deletion, Lines etc
  • Much Much more!

Learn More about the features in HotHTML 3 in the Feature Page.
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Obtaining HotHTML 3
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HotHTML 3 Dialog Framework SDK DEVELOPER: HotHTML 3 Dialog Framework Architecture Overview
An overview of the Dialog Framework Architecture used in HotHTML 3 Professional. This will introduce new developers to the way the HotHTML 3 Dialog Framework is architected, go through the important classes and discuss compiling, debugging and distributing of the Dialogs you create as well as specifying the rules that should be followed when writing Dialogs.
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