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HotHTML 3 Professional

Product Screen Shots
NOTE: These screenshots are sized at approximately 996x760 to fit into most browser windows.

Shows HotExplorer and ActiveDoc

Shows ProjectExplorer with a Visual Studio.NET VB.NET Solution Open and VB.NET Syntax highlighting in the Code Editor.

Shows TagLib's ActiveHelp window showing you help for the HREF attribute.

Shows ScriptArchive with the script selected inserted into the document(Add To Favorites).

Shows how DocumentData can visually represent your SGML documents and allow you to navigate through the tree.

Shows how DocumentData can create an outline of a 'Compiled ASP.NET' page using SmartPreview.

NOTE: Unlike in the previous shot, DocumentData has created the entire tree from the output of the ASP.NET page, including templates!

Shows QuickInsert, having just inserted a Hyperlink from the QuickInsert toolbox!

Shows ClipManager in action, having just copied 'features' into the windows clipboard it has made a listing for you to go back to.

ProjectExplorer showing a HotHTML 3 project open.

Find/Replace dialog just executed the 'Find' command to find the text 'Office'. Notice the automatic transparency in the window to allow you to see the CodeEditor!

NOTE: Transparency requires Windows 2000, XP or .NET Server +

Shows CodeCleaner checking the HTML document for syntax errors and inconsistencies.

HotHTML 3's Tidy Configuration editor with Help for supported attributes!

Shows BuildManager compiling a small .NET v1.2 C# HelloWorld application!

Shows BuildManager's ability to handle different compilers for the same language.

Shows the BuildManager Profile List.

Shows the BuildProfile editor that allows you to visually create and edit BuildProfiles.

Shows how HotHTML 3 supports spellchecking and thesaurus features. This example shows how we can look for alternative words for 'Office'.

Shows the redeveloped 'Open From Web' dialog that supports autocompleting of commonly used URL's in IE and Proxy/BASIC authentication support.

Shows ColorLab Lite, selecting BODY tag attributes visually.

Shows HotHTML 3 Dialog Manager, lists all the available plugins that have loaded successfully!

Shows the Download Statistics provided for documents that tell you how long it takes to download the document your working on.

Shows HotHTML 3's integrated FTP Editor, WebManager. Here it has openned up the almost-standard Microsoft FTP Site for demostration.

Shows the Account Manager for WebManager to allow you to edit the profiles.

The Green means its a public profile available to all users, and red means its only available to the active user.

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