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HotHTML 3 Professional

Support :: Frequently Asked Questions
We've made a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding HotHTML 3 Professional so that you can avoid having to email us regarding already answered questions.

Feel free to ask us anything that may not appear here, if its asked regularly we'll add it here:-)

HotHTML 3 Updates

  • What is the latest version of HotHTML 3?
    The latest version available to download of HotHTML 3 is HotHTML 3 with FixPack 1.

  • Where do i get this FixPack 1 for HotHTML 3?
    FixPack one is integrated into the latest downloadable distribution of HotHTML 3, click here to download the full setup or if you already have it installed download the update patch..

  • What is a FixPack?
    A FixPack is a package of fixes much like a Service Pack. All the hotfixes released before the FixPack was released is included.

  • I have bought a license for HotHTML 3, do i have a seperate download to get the updates or do i download the evaluation?
    You can download the evaluation which will upgrade your existing copy to the latest or the smaller update package, it will still be licensed but will need to be reactivated.

  • I downloaded and updated HotHTML 3 from the original i have installed and the latest available on your site, however it asks me to reactivate, why?
    We changed the licensing component LicenseManager to make it easier to manage Network and Single Licenses so you will need to reactivate your copy.

  • Is there a smaller patch available for existing installations?
    Yes, there is a MSP file (Microsoft Patch File) which can be used to update any existing installation.

HotHTML 3 Features - General

  • Can HotHTML 3 preview SHTML or ASP pages?
    Yes! Using a compatible webserver installed on the local or remote system(that you have acess to) you can setup SmartPreview to allow you to preview server side languages.

  • I'm a PHP and Perl Developer, does your editor support PHP/Perl and previewing PHP/Perl files?
    HotHTML 3 supports both languages and can be configured to handle their previewing sides differently or the same depending on your choice. One solution is to use SmartPreview and let the server deal with the previewing of PHP and more importantly Perl files, or another solution is to use BuildManager (and if you have installed ActiveState ActivePerl) use our BuildProfile to run the Perl script.

HotHTML 3 Features - Microsoft .NET Platform

  • Can HotHTML 3 be used to write ASP.NET Web Applications?
    Yes! HotHTML 3 can be used to create ASP.NET Solutions as an alternative to using Visual Studio.NET, as HotHTML is more Web-Centric focussed

  • What .NET Languages are supported in HotHTML 3?
    At the time of release there will be support for Visual Basic.NET(VB.NET) and C-Sharp(C#) Languages with a future FixPack adding J-Sharp(J#) and VC++.NET support.

  • Can ProjectExplorer open Visual Studio.NET Projects?
    HotHTML 3 can open VB.NET and C# Visual Studio Solutions. A future FixPack will add VC++.NET and J# Project support along with language support.

  • What Versions of the .NET Platform is supported?
    Both .NET v1.0 and .NET v1.1 with a future FixPack to update to support .NET v2.0 which is (at the time of writing) still in development.

  • Does HotHTML 3 provide WYSIWYG ASP.NET editing?
    Version 3 of HotHTML does not provide any WYSIWYG editing features, nor support ASP.NET Web Forms editing visually(only code).

  • Can we write Windows Applications with HotHTML 3?
    You can write Windows Applications in HotHTML 3 using BuildManager.

HotHTML 2001 and HotHTML 3 Professional

  • Will HotHTML 3 Professional and HotHTML 2001 Professional work side by side?
    HotHTML 3 Professional can be installed side by side with machines already using HotHTML 2001 Professional. We recommend you update to the latest version of HotHTML 2001 to ensure no issues occur. Replacing HotHTML 2001 with HotHTML 3 will be a more feasible option.

  • Will you still update HotHTML 2001 Professional even though HotHTML 3 Professional has superceeded it?
    Yes. HotHTML 2001 Professional will still be maintained even though HotHTML 3 has replace HotHTML 2001.

  • Will there by a freeware version of HotHTML 3?
    Unfortunetly at this stage because we use commercial compoents for the core of the application we cannot provide a Freeware version of HotHTML 3. However we do offer a free 30 day trial with an optional 15 day extension to that if you ask us nicely!

  • Should I upgrade to HotHTML 3 even though my work requires HotHTML 2001?
    HotHTML 3 has been written to support nearly all the features of HotHTML 2001 (in particular cross application project Support) so you wont need to use HotHTML 2001 and HotHTML 3 on the same machine.

  • Should HotHTML 2001 setup be uninstalled before installing HotHTML 3?
    HotHTML 2001 should be removed if you would like to preserve the file extensions for project formats before installing HotHTML 3 Professional.

  • Will my plugins from HotHTML 2001 still work on HotHTML 3?
    Yes! HotHTML 2001 Plugins will work in HotHTML 3.

HotHTML 3 Licensing

  • How do we purchase licensing for HotHTML 3 Professional?
    Try our Ordering Online page to securely submit your order. We can also manually place the order if you like.

  • I use HotHTML 2001 Professional at the moment, can i upgrade to HotHTML 3 Professional?
    If you purchased a license for HotHTML 2001 Professional you are entitled to a free upgrade to HotHTML 3 Professional. This includes commercial Licenses that were bought when the product was freeware. However freeware users who have not purchased HotHTML 2001 licenses are not legible for the free upgrade.

  • We have site licenses for HotHTML 2001 Professional in a corporate environment, can we still upgrade to HotHTML 3 without paying?
    Yes! As a special thank-you we will offer FREE upgrading to "ALL" licensee's of HotHTML 2001 Professional. Corporate users who have Corporate Licenses will need to Contact Us regarding the upgrade procedure.

  • I'm a Freeware user of HotHTML 2001. Do I still get a free upgrade to HotHTML 3?
    Freeware users are not entitled to the free upgrade offer. You will be required to purchase a license that suites your needs from WebSoftware.

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